Thursday, 12 September 2013

A great day honing the fighting skills. Superb sport! Three over 10LB, beast 16LB .

In my opinion, this is just as challenging as fly fishing for game fish.. I really respect the canniness and speed of these carp.
Anyone who says that I am not using traditional flies and therefore it is not proper fly fishing should take note: I have watched these fish taking leaves, flies, feathers etc, so the bogbrush is not so out of place.
The point is with carp is that they are very cautious and taste things before they decide to eat. I hook about 1 in 8 takes and I reckon I am reasonably quick!

I am beginning to enjoy this too much.
So cheap to do: Shakey #7 Caimore reel, Mullarkey mill end, plus backing, some nylon and a bog brush! ( the rod, a discontinued Odyssey, Brilliant rod!!!!)

Total cost: £60
That's the cost of two visits to some 'trout lakes'! 
And the fish we catch are wild!

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