Saturday, 25 September 2010


We've just launched our new autumn collection.

Only sold three so far. 1 to Bone, 1 to Jon and 1 to me.

Sunday, 12 September 2010


Just arrived back home after a wonderful weekend with JT and friends on the upper Tees near Middleton.
A bit of a mad idea, but I picked up Jeep socks straight after work. We motored up the M6 and hit loads of crawling traffic until we got well clear of the Manchester area and then plain sailing to Junction 38.

Over the top of the pennines or penines, if you prefer; we had to drive through the clouds in dim light which slowed us down a bit.

Anyway, we arrived at The Strathmore Arms; in the middle of nowhere ('there's nowt here for you lads!) and joined John Tyzack and the rest of the crew for a swift pint before freshening up and an evening meal.

JT with his LTD fly holder
Outside the pub, this little critter decided to have a drink in the middle of the road. I rescued him/her twice!

Back to the bar and it was well packed! We couldn’t even get a seat. THE BAND WAS ON! Two guys and a ‘guest’ providing the entertainment. A great night was had by all. I shall say no more!

Jon in 'pulling' mode. I have a few videos. One of me falling over!

Following day, a bit worse for wear and after a hearty breakfast we drove towards our destination, after stopping to pick up our permits from the local very friendly ironmongers.

We tackled up and after a ‘hair of the dog’ that was kindly provided by Keith we began our instruction and the fishing.
Cheers Keith!

Jon listening to Andy and taking it all in!

The river was wild! The rain had certainly done it’s job! I openly admitted that I would not have bothered but JT insisted that we could/would catch fish if we followed his advice.

A swollen river, more tuition.
Beautiful but mainly ful'
Jon and me were instructed by Andy, a super guy who tried very hard to get us to do the upstream duo. With the downstream wind and our utter lack of technique, Andy soon realised we were really the useless Lion Tamers. How hard he worked to get us doing it right!

OK we had the odd rise, hooked a couple but we retiered for lunch fishless. Everyone else caught! Sorry Andy, our fault!

The afternoon was a bit different.

JT had a coaching chat with us and we came to the conclusion that the downstream dry would be easier for us. Basically we just couldn't cast against the downstream wind. So down the edge, exploring every bit of slower water we could find.
We didn’t look back and had a take nearly every cast. I ended up in double figures so was well chuffed. I would never have believed fish would take a dry in these conditions. I am not posting details. Book a day with JT and he’ll show you how.

Lovely. JT said it must be a stockie!
Next morning, Jon and me checked out as we would be only fishing the morning session and had to depart at lunchtime.

JT made me spend a hour in 'THE TYRES' because of my poor performance on day 1.

We headed to Cauldron Snout and after parking the cars we all negotiated the dodgy rocks down the side of the waterfall to the valley base.

Me, just glad to get down alive!

What scenery!

Looking down at the Tees.
JT in the river. I'd have been washed down to High Force and curtains.
Jon and me had further tuition of JT (this guy helps you all the time). We caught, did the buddy wading and watched JT wading on his tod as if he was on dry land!

Jon taking a break on 'Heart break hill'.
Jon and me trekked up the very steep hill back to the car and headed for home.

Dropped Jonny Jeep Socks off three hours later and we couldn’t walk properly. Our legs had gone!

Check out the new LTD shirt. Here I am Dreaming the Dream!
A great weekend, great company, top advice. Recommended!