Tuesday, 13 September 2011

You can't join them all!

Nothing to do with this post. But a nice place to fish. We are there if you look close!

Well you can't join them all! Clubs that is. We postponed our membership to one club because of health problems. Hopefully my mate is well enough for the new season and we will re-join Derbyshire County.
We like fishing together but I joined The Peacock on the Wye. Unfortunately no one else did so it left me on my own. I have therefore had not enough chances to get my moneys worth. This is no reflection on the Peacock prices as this is a bargain if you can fish often enough.
So I have decided not to re-join. We will have the opportunity to go day ticket on this fabulous piece of water next trout season, and may try the grayling earlier.
We also joined the LTD on the dove. To be honest it too is a fabulous bit of river, seeped in history and full of large fish. We have not made a decision on this yet.. We could always get a day ticket on this special place too.
We are also members of one of the best value clubs in the country..Hanley Angling Society. Apart from a wealth of coarse venues, we also have The Tean (more rain and I reckon big, big grayling in this stretch possible), The Dove, The Churnet (who really knows what you might catch...possibly a rare disease) and a new trout lake to go for.
DCAS has The Dove at Wolfscote, The Dove further down, Miles of the Manifold, The Derwent, Willington, Hoon, Blithfield, etc etc.
We have to think of the rise in the cost of living, fuel prices and  the days we can go fishing together. We also like the odd day out at Seighford, Ellerdine and other day ticket lakes.
We aint that fond of crowds either.
If we joined just DCAS and HAS it would cost us £280 each for the season. I have spent £700 this season...a no brainer methinks.
I have to say that it is my fault I have not had my moneys worth. The Wye and the welcome you get is fabulous. There is a waiting list so my ticket will be soon snapped up.

Just thought I would some snaps of my daughter who I am helping with her photography. My late Dad, who taught me photo techniques would be made up!
Comments welcomed.