Sunday, 25 April 2010

The Tean

Very spooky fish. I suppose they don't get that big by being careless!
Snapped off by a right lump.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


It's amazing! You think you have done well, then you find out someone else caught 20 the next day from the bank. We fished the same buzzer but with different techniques. Interesting!

Monday, 19 April 2010


Bone and me had our fortnightly visit on Sunday. Blithfield was totally calm. Bone started to hammer it on a green head buzzer. I was struggling a bit.
After changing my set up with my own red holo buzzer, I did not look back. Totalled nine with 4 lost and about 20 missed takes!
I also had a nice perch! Would have lent Bone a buzzer but only had the one. This was totally ragged by the time I packed up. Interestingly we did not catch anything on any other fly after I started getting takes on the holo.. I have tied plenty in readiness for our next visit. Mind you, knowing Blithfield it will need a different approach next time!
Fish rising towards early afternoon. I would imagine the dries would have worked later but we could not stay as the pub called.

A day with John Tyzack

One of the most enjoyable days fishing I have had.
This guy is an awsome teacher and I should know. He puts you at ease, never stops coaching, works out your level and provides a wealth of information I never thought possible.
John even gave me a casting lesson at the end. I wonder why?!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

New pool

Me and Bone nipped over to a new pool a local club has aquired. Two hours and we had around 10 a piece. All on buzzers. Don't think we'll go again. Too easy, silly fishing. Wait 'till it gets fished a bit!

Monday, 12 April 2010

Trout feast.

Just thought I'd share what trout eat from one of my previous outings. Some of these where over an inch long and almost black. This fish was full of them, hundreds of them!


So back to the lakes today. Went to Hoon a DCAC water. WoW!
First time to this water. Turned up at 11.00 and decided, after looking around, that I would try the buzzers as nothing was rising.
On went a green on the dropper and a black on the point.
First cast and I missed a take. Second cast wham! Landed. Third cast another. Fourth cast missed. Fifth cast lost a good fish. Sixth cast nothing (this place is crap I began to think).
Next cast another brought to the net. I had six and then the surface went mad as the fish took flies off the surface. No wonder the buzzer worked, I was in the middle of a good hatch. On went a dry. I missed two and then it went dead.
Back on the buzzers and caught four more. 10 fish all around a pound and a half in just over two hours! I could have caught more but decided to go for a pint.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Choice of fly

I put down our lack of success on our first trip to the rivers as inexperience. However, I think we have been ripped off with our last purchase of 'Check Nymphs'. I think the tail is too short.

Our first trip to the rivers

We nipped up to The Manifold this afternoon. Although conditions looked good, we didn't see a fish and had no luck whatsoever. So, we had an hour on The Dove. A few fish rising but we had no takes. I put this down to inexperience. We need some tuition. Must contact John Tyzack.
A lovely afternoon however, except for my mate who knocked the the end of his catheter and thought his waders had sprung a leak. How we laughed!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Better start from scratch.
Last year was a learning curve. Easy stillwaters give confidence. Having said that, Blithfield is a challenge. This year we are trying the rivers.
We have done well on Blithfield, Loynton and Ellerdine but have yet to try river fishing. God help us!
having trouble. Just wiped my blogs!
Anyway. We are going to the river soon so follow us up with secateurs. You'll make a fortune