Saturday, 22 June 2013

Smoking fish

This is about hot smoking with a  fladen model.

As  they come with no instructions, I thought I would do the  following...
Take some trout, caught by fellow Tamer : Jon. Yes, I blanked today but Jon caught when no one else did. Was pretty good angling.

 First fillet the trout,  I watched a couple of you tube vids. I'll get there!
Put some wood shavings in  some foil and stab
Put some meths in
Line the drip pan
Load the fish Put the lid on an wait until the burners are finished.
This is delicious!!!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Just a diary insert really.
Had some good days on Blithfield but two treasured days on The Dove at Wolfscote.
Mayfly has been brilliant once again. Where do these fish hide during the rest of the year? Had them competing for my fly and chasing my fly when bounced along the surface. Manic! Bottom of the river coming up. I reckon it is the nymphs loosening it.