Wednesday, 1 June 2011


We; The Lion Tamers, have been practising for the forthcoming two leg match versus our great friends, the 'Bivvy Boys'.
We have a good team: Fellow Tamer, Pionton has confirmed he is up for it.. (make sure you got two Sundays free, Yik, we give you the dates),  Bone, Me and Jon. If Jon can't make it, Dino reckons he can do the job!.
They have a great team too, and should stuff us proper on the coarse leg.

The first leg is on Ladyfields at Wetley Rocks. Difficult but full of large carp and tench and stuffed full of bits.
It is a fair venue and I wish I had not sold my pole. However, I am shit hot on the waggler and can even do the carp rigs... so who knows?
I have to say, the BBs' are doing much better than us on the lakes at the moment.
Daz got a 22lb from the haunted lake at Barleston last week. Credit to him! I would not fish there for anything. Too spooky for me. Check it out yourselves! There are plenty of anacdotes of strange Gregorian chants past midnight. Apparently, there was a mass slaughter in a field nearby of the Catholic Monks, who introduced the carp in the lake some centuries passed. The  saying goes is  that anyone who catches carp here is eternally cursed! The curse gets worse depending on the size you catch!  You believe what you like, I'm not sure...

Anyway: Here are our last couple of missions....

Bone and me had a go on the Churnet for a large perch. Not a touch apart from this! PS, I have nothing to do with Bone's complicated rig! I think he was targeting the Signals!

We also had a practise for the second leg. This will be on a commercial trout fishery; so that's where we went today. Here is one that  I photographed  after preparing it for my fish cakes. A good 4LB plus on me own Hawthorn (Dynamite today and only Bone and me had got them!) that I had tied for the rivers. Bone and me were top rods!