Monday, 29 October 2012

out of season trout

This afternoon, me and Bone nipped down to one of our club venues to trot a river for grayling. We are allowed to do so at this time of the year. In  a short session, I had over 30 trout and grayling from the same peg. The fish, some large, were ravenous and in tip top condition. It is the close season for trout but they are an unavoidable capture.
It is recommended  that you should move pegs if catching trout. I didn't as it would not have mattered. (Bone proved it, catching trout from several areas).
It was suprising to see how many fish there were in such a short run, and there is no way I caught them all!
Things are looking good on this river!
No Pictures sorry!


Ok, so it's blurred but I was determined to get a shot of one of the bats that fly around my back garden. Taken a few weeks ago. I guessed the distance, put my camera on manual focus and shot away in the darkness at barely visible silhouettes.

Anyone know the species? Bet RR does!

Monday, 15 October 2012


We went a piking.

We went with an expert (Phil) to a small lake not 4 miles from where we live. We went with Phil, 'cos we had no idea of how to unhook them. I've put my fingers into some strange things in the past; but sorry, unhooking a pike was something I was seriously worried about.!
Cheers to Phil for making it look so easy. Bone and me unhooked our pike and they went on their way, without damage. Good instructions, unhooking mat, barbless hooks, and some seriously long pliers.

A tiddler
Bone has a bigger one than me
Bone went the next day and caught the SAME fish. Shows how well we looked after them.

The point of this latest post is: Don't go fishing for pike if you are not confident or do not know how to unhook them. They are beautiful fish, give a good account of themselves and deserve the same care as you would with any fish you are releasing.