Monday, 19 April 2010


Bone and me had our fortnightly visit on Sunday. Blithfield was totally calm. Bone started to hammer it on a green head buzzer. I was struggling a bit.
After changing my set up with my own red holo buzzer, I did not look back. Totalled nine with 4 lost and about 20 missed takes!
I also had a nice perch! Would have lent Bone a buzzer but only had the one. This was totally ragged by the time I packed up. Interestingly we did not catch anything on any other fly after I started getting takes on the holo.. I have tied plenty in readiness for our next visit. Mind you, knowing Blithfield it will need a different approach next time!
Fish rising towards early afternoon. I would imagine the dries would have worked later but we could not stay as the pub called.

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