Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Hoar frost

Well I thought my next post was to show the results of my new camera. However, yesterday I had a unique photo opportunity outside my classroom. I was armed with my little Pentax W60.

I think you should have a camera with you always! It does not have to be all singing and dancing or expensive. The subject is much more important.


  1. Yo Commo,

    Good to read about your photographic exploits.
    I too have, on impulse - invested a Nikon L110.
    This is a full size digi SLR but without the interchangable lense option. Its takin great shots - hopefully as the new year comes aroung it wil be on hand to shoot some of our biggest catches - you know - 4 pund browns and graylin that are so big - I can't hold on to 'em. The last one nearly pulled me back into the Wye !!
    And I do like your snowy owl fly - could you tie me a couple in size 12 - complete with snowy cape ??

    I still like wearing your cape for an night out. ( see photo) The contrasting hackles blend in with my hair and make me look like a young Boy George !

    Keep on Tamin !

    Jonny Boy

  2. Hi my apprentice,

    I really need that cape back.
    Good choice on the camera front. The Nikon sounds the business. Just don't get it wet!
    PS. You will probably be using it at the widest angle settings, when photographing my fish!