Thursday, 3 February 2011

1953 Invoice

I found this in an old book given to me by a dear friend at Xmas. She bought it in a second hand shop. The book is a fascinating read: Fly-Tying: Principles & Practise by Major Sir Gerald Burrard, Bt., D.S.O., (Retired)
The guy who owned the book ordered the following.
Mail order was so different.
I note the Polar Bear and Condor quills.
What would he have tied from this lot?
Can someone help with the address as although the handwriting is beautiful, I can't make it out.?

"I think they can see your gut, Sir!"


  1. I get
    The Bungalow
    Moor Lane
    Nr Leeds

    And if you google menston moor lane is to the left of the A65