Sunday, 27 March 2011


Just recovered from the LTDFFA do at the Izaak Walton Hotel.

Met some great guys and had a memorable fly tying demo from Paul Gaskell.
Glen showed us a couple of patterns, tied back to front as usual. A lovely buffet, a great hotel and copious amounts of beer. One of the Tamers didn’t turn in until 5 in the morning yet we all made breakfast. There are some who didn’t!!!

The photos tell their own story.

Testing the bed

Mick 'one brace' Kent

The Master at work

Proper tying

Glen struggling to focus

Jon sporting a 'King Tut'

Low light shrimp patterns from Paul


  1. Great uniforms Macaroni
    Me thinks tan doc martens would finish it off nicely.

  2. Ah Mick, did you not notice my original oxblood models? Made in UK not far east. Jon has cherry reds and Bone has black!