Sunday, 16 December 2012

Back to the basics

Getting there!
My daughter wants to know what it was like to make proper photographs!
This should do it!

All old tech. My daughter's 'new' darkroom. (XMAS PRESENT)
Ta Glen Pointon for the 6x6. I have added an OM 1 which I got cheap and replaced the seals with closed cell foam.
Superb Durst Mod 70 enlarger with top lenses, picking up the rest off ebay next week. Happy days to come!!!!


  1. Fantastic present! One of the sacrifices necessary when moving house to be next to the river was that the downsizing meant the darkroom had to be given up. It is sorely missed...

    Will she be working in monochrome or colour (or both)?


  2. Hi RR,
    Monochrome only. I don't really see the point of colour although it did come with a colour head.
    The enlarger came with two lovely lenses, a Neonon 50mm 2.8 and a Rodenstok Roganar 75mm f4. Going to have to use multigrade as it is fitted with the vario head. I would have liked the condensor head but at the price I can't grumble.
    You seem to have mastered the digital monochrome with your excellent pictures of the Wye! I'll be posting our progress with the chemical process soon just to wind you up!
    All the best and a happy xmas