Monday, 31 May 2010

The river

After yesterday's session to Ellerdine, where we all caught but had to pay to catch stupid fish; Mick, Jon and me visited a private stretch of the River Manifold today.
Now... last time we went we hadn't got a clue. In the meantime I have had a lesson from John Tyzack and since caught a couple of lovely Tean trout so maybe I could put some more of what I learned into practice. BUT!
On arriving, the owner said, "Needs a bit of water, lads. It is low."
Never mind, we wandered down to the river to tackle up. Sh.t! It was low. I looked and thought, "This is nothing like the Dove, so shallow . We havn't got a chance!" (I have to stop talking to myself!)
I could not do exactly what JT taught me so I needed to adapt.
I was determined to fish the duo, because that is what I wanted to show my mates, so put a JT nymph two foot under a JT sedge. I was hoping that stealth would be the order of the day and with a weed free bottom (not mine) I could nudge the nymph over the stones.
To cut a long story short, I had nine, yes I was counting! nine beautiful wild brownies all caught within 20 yards! They loved the nymph. Further down, I lost a good fish that came to the caddis.
Then the mayfly arrived. A sporadic hatch. We sat and watched the odd fish splash at them and even better, the birds taking them on the wing. How do birds do that? What skill!
Walked down the river, passing a couple of lads who had found the fishing difficult but had had some success on emerger patterns and I decided to have a put in at a superb looking pool. After losing one and cobbling another take on the nymph, I decided, after watching the rises, to tie on a single cdc. Miss, miss, miss, miss.
Some fish were taking mayfly, others smaller flies. I need to practise my striking!
Anyhow. A brilliant day. I now need to tie some decent mayflies as the ones I tried were totally ignored even by the birds!
We also know where the big one lies!

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