Friday, 7 May 2010

The Tean...last cast.

Went to the Tean this morning. The river was still very low and clear. Spooked just about everything as I moved upstream. You don't cast much here, just flick in when you can. I had tied some small tungten nymphs. You really need a different depth in every swim which makes the fishing very tough so did not use the duo, just the single fly and feeling for a take. Absolutely nothing showing as I reached the top of the stretch.
Feeling a bit fed up and cursing my poor skills, I had lost quite a few flies, both to trees and underwater snags, I wandered back to the car. One last go I thought, and flicked the nymph under a nearside bush. Thump! and all hell broke loose. After a nail biting scrap and having to scamper up the bank to get my net, I finally landed my first Tean Trout. Is that not a superb looking fish!

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