Saturday, 30 October 2010

The Lion Tamers visited the BFFI today. What a great place to learn and find new ideas!

'I think the fish can see your gut, old chap'

My shopping list was short: A decent silver badger cape/saddle.

Bone and Jon wanted wading vests.

After enduring a three mile drive (sometimes Stoke is a good place to live), we parked up and had a coffee. We needed coffee as it was Bone’s birthday bash last night and we were a bit worse for wear.

The queue was building up, but sensibly, we had our pre-booked tickets and went straight in.

I was desparate to get my hackle stuff. I told the guys it was urgent and got myself a super silver badger saddle from Lakeland. That was me done. I now needed a horse.

We wandered around, buying bits and bobs and then bumped into Sheena Goode. (England International). What a lovely lady. We showed her our new shirts. I think she wanted one but we were interrupted; she is so popular, Sheena had to talk to other people and so we slinked away.

We then went to see John Tyzack, (the master)  who showed a guy how to tie a spider with some dodgy thread and an equally dodgy bobbin holder.  A copy of his latest dvd was purchased and I got it signed, as a signed copy will always fetch a few quid more on ebay.

John Tysack trying out the new 'fjy flute'

We bought some nice gear.
We bought some other stuff, took a lot in and retired to the pub.

I even went to the butchers, not knowing I still had a coat hanger emerger at the top of my brand new fleece

We loved it!


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