Sunday, 15 May 2011

After the FA Cup.

The best of four this very cold morning on self timer as I was on me tod.

Was disappointed, but not totally depressed that Stoke had lost in the final.
Time to go fishing! Anyway, I decided to go and get a specimen. Now, a specimen fish depends on where it is caught from. So a specimen from where I was going would be rather smaller than one caught from some other larger venues.
My venue was small. A pond in a field.
Conditions were horrible. It was like the middle of winter with the wind and rain in my face. I soon began to regret my decision to get up early,  as soon as I got there. It was bloody cold. I was very cold... I had turned up in summer gear...
I hid behind a tree  to get out of the wind and rain.
Not a bad morning though.
To sum up: 4  missed, then 4 tench...  all wild from here. Less than an acre but a lovely pond.
Made the pub for 12.00!
Large Perch from the Ch..n.t next ...


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