Friday, 6 May 2011

Bone's done it!

 We have caught  the carp. Well Bone has! The guy is on fire.

Bone's double figure

What a beautiful fish
We have got the technique pretty spot on but I think my hair rigs need some fine tuning...2 lost and one dropped. However I managed a tench about 4lb and had a dabble with the roach on the waggler with bits of luncheon meat. Crazy.I would never have thought you could catch quality roach on luncheon meat. No pics unfortunately. There's some huge roach in there...

Now for a picture of a Tean grayling...I know it is out of season but.we were after the trout. Sod it, I have to show off sometimes. Bone is doing me proper these days! Our club have no probs with takng photos. I just wish I had taken Glen Pointon's advice and took a picture of the one I caught a couple of weeks ago on the Dove.

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