Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Long time since

Well it's been a long time since I posted but here's an update.
We have been fishing but not a lot since our holiday last year. Mostly the odd day out to a trout lake or a river visit. We did paste the 'bivvy boys' on an overnight session (yes we now have bivvies) but we have not done the trout match yet and I can't see them beating us!
Bone, Jon and me have re-joined Derby County Angling Club. I have explained why in a previous post.
We will look forward to our occassional trips to the Wye and are indeed thinking of staying overnight to make a proper day of it.
We want to do a bit of everything and the constraints of being members of trout and grayling clubs didn't really suit us. At DCAC we can have a bit of everything. We have also joined a couple of local clubs that have access to some fantastic coarse, trout and grayling fishing. We could not want for more.




Bone and me had a morning on the Sow the other day. We fished it wrong, as one does on a first visit to a new venue; especially a river. I did catch a modest chub in ace condition. Bone went a couple of days later and had some fine perch. This is one of our target waters; not for massive fish as they don't live there (pike maybe!) but we are going for the challenge. You can jump across it in some places!

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  1. Good to see the blog awake again. Keep us updated on how things fare for you in the DCAC waters. I'm still a member but hardly ever fish the club's watters these days. If you find good trotting for roach do let me know. It's the one thing I miss from how fishing used to be before the black death.

    Regular Rod