Saturday, 24 March 2012

Happy morning on Blithfield

I decide on an early night. My turn to drive.
Mr Weed has an early night.
Jon has an early night.
Phil leaves his missus up the pub to have an early night.
Bone sticks it out 'till 2 in the morning dancing and singing the Karaoke

So Phil, who lives opposite me  knocked on at 7.00 and we then debated whether Bone would be up or even up for it!
Amazingly his kit was already outside his house and we duly loaded it  into the car. But boy did Bone look rough! He was obviously still under the influence. Glad HE wasn't driving.
We motored to meet Jon and after our usual bet on the amount of road kill we headed off.
It was very misty at Blithfield.
We booked in. We had our camo hats on. The other anglers waiting to book in were treated to some Lion Tamer banter.
'I am Laird Locket of Locharber,' anounced Jon.
From then on the conversations and banter was priceless. Everyone was in fits of laughter. A good start.
We had decided to fish from the bank as the news was that the fish were in the margins. We drove about half way down the right bank and stopped, having seen some rises.

It was a tad misty.  Phil giving it a go.

Bone moaned..."This is a crap place, we should be nearer the causeway.Where's me bag duck?" as he rummaged in the boot.
"What bag?" I replied.
Yep, he had forgot his reel etc. Luckily Jon had a spare.

We took no notice of Bone's  opinions of our choice of fishing spot and proceeded to fish for an hour without a tug: My fault. We moved.

Fish on!

Slightly deeper water.

It's the camo hat that does it.

Nice shot of Mr Weed by Phil

Phil was soon in! On a small black buzzer. He later retiered to the bank for some photography and 40 winks. He too was suffering the effects of the previous night.

Yep we really did catch

And another...

I had one next on a green daiwl bach. Then another, then another, then another. I gave Mr Weed one of my flies and he too caught.
Bone went and kipped most of the morning in the car, sleeping off his hangover.
Jon had to wear the 'Mask of the dread' because he blanked. To be honest, I was very lucky as I chose a fly I would not normally use with a buzzer set up, You never stop learning!
A great day!

Explaining to Bone where we had fished while he was asleep.

The mask of the dread

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