Sunday, 1 April 2012

Fools day? I don't think so!

1st April

Was a lovely morning; none of the mist of last week. It wasn't too windy either, which helped the terrible casters three, as it was blowing towards us.
We booked in and had some usual good humoured banter with that lovely chap who does Saturdays. I can't remember his name, which is a bit embarrassing because at least he remembered our surnames!
He gave us some excellent advice as to where to fish..

"Anywhere down the edge with a small black fly, near bank size 14".

Not small by my standards but having tied a load of #14  Shipmans in the pub the previous day, I was feeling rather confident.
The reason I chose to go with the Shipman buzzer was because of what I observed last week. Trout sort of smutting but not really breaking the surface. I figured I needed a fly just subsurface and not too big.
Couldn't fail.  Fished one on the point and one dropper. I soon had my limit and the Shipman content of my fly box was decimated by Jon.
Bone had tied up some suspender buzzers which also proved a success.
Interesting to note: Bone had two Shipmans hooks straightened and me one. I had this before with Shipmans on a different venue. Today the flies we used were tied on top quality hooks, tested on the vice. I would really appreciate any comments about this. Mind you I did land plenty successfully.
We all had our limit and the lucky ones went back.

Jon in sublime mode

All sold at the pub


  1. Replies
    1. It would be nice if you said who you were. So who are you?
      Every fish was dispatched quickly and none went to waste. I'm sorry that that you might be ofended (your Capital letters) or you might have just being rhetorical.

  2. Yep. Like Tesco, Sainsburys etc. Ever had live fish and chips?