Monday, 9 April 2012

UV resin kits

Don't buy the kits. £32? having a laugh!?
I decided to do it my way...£4 for a bottle of  'bug off 'and a £3 uv torch off the internet including delivery. Mind you I did spend a little extra on a 42 uv led torch...cus I am a tart.
So what's this UV cured resin all about?
I first noticed the adverts in the fishing mags, about a year ago. It looked good. A clear sealent that was both transparent and that would set within seconds using a Ultra Violet light scource. Should save a lot of time, I thought.
But at £50... no way!
Later, I saw a couple of excellent  videos where it was used to tie some rather glossy buzzers.
Time to invest...

Just a UV torch, hook,  vice, some glowbrite thread, a black permament marker and a bottle of Bug off. £10

I had a look and you can buy this UV stuff rather cheaply.

My first attempt is a little tardy but it is great fun.

To see how it is done properly check this out.

My conclusion is that although I have to conceed that the expensive stuff is better and thicker in consistancy and probably has more uses, Bug Off is excellent for this type of 'fly' and could save you a bit of cash.

13/04 2012... First outing and..This has just caught me my best trout from Blithfield. Just short of 4lb!


  1. got to say i would recomend using bug off for buzzer patterns etc however the more expensive resin bug bond is not without its uses, as bug of is a lot thinner its more like using a varnish where bugbond is more like an epoxy

    1. Yes I have to agree with your comment.It is a little thin and does leave a little residue. I have ammended the blog. However I do prefer bug off for skinny buzzers.

  2. Advise dont put it on ya fingure nail with the uv light kinda burns ask bone