Thursday, 3 May 2012

How to paint a picture Sid Kirkham style

I thought I would like to give you a little demonstration on how to paint something simple in watercolour with lots of effect. I am a big fan of a local artist, Sid Kirkham, and love the way he uses not so old world images and light. Here we go.....

 Choose a picture.

I'm sort of changing one of Sid Kirkham's paintings. This is called 'How's it going up the Vale youth?'

As you can see I have a picture to use as a reference. I have selected my main colour, as Sid likes monotone in this style. I use Russian paints and sable brushes but anything decent will do. Aldi and Lidl sell great kits occasionally.

Sketch it out. (take your time)
Use a good quality paper (ask at your local art shop) and mask it to a bit of hardboard.
Select your main colour. This is a dark brown but anything dark will have the effect. Paynes grey with a touch of red is a nice alternative. You could even go wierd and choose a strong blue, red or green!
Paint it, leaving areas white where you want the amazing light effect that Sid produces.

I like to paint left to right but it's up to you.

Put in the yellow for the light, here and there.

It's coming together!

Red and white scarf for the Stoke supporter. Colour depends on your team or University. Don't bother with the other guy at the far end. (Vale supporter in this case)

Double mount it with good card (Ha Ha I have the kit!) and stick it in a tasty frame from Wilko.

The lens distorts the uprights

Sell the painting and risk prosecution or do give it to your mum, which is what I did!

So there you go. No excuses. Get them paints out while waiting for your buzzers to dry


  1. hi, this is sid kirkham, i sincerely apreciate that you enjoy and like my work, i hope your mum liked the picture.

    yours sid kirkham.

    this was posted using my daughters google account, so not to get confused by the user name, thanks sid.

    1. Sid, If it is you, thanks so much. I have friends who have originals of yours. I have shown the children where I teach, your work. They have had a go. They would be thrilled if you could visit us and they could show you what they have done.
      Yes, me mum loved my picture

  2. hi, yes this is definately sid, oh i am pleased your mum loved the picture, and the children are enjoying learning how to do art.
    i had an operation on my spine a few months ago, and being almost 70, it is taking me a bit more time to recover, but when i am more mobile i would love to come to the school and see the children trying to paint my artwork, where exactly is the school?
    i hooe your friends enjoy their paintings.....from the art bay.
    yes this is the real sid kirkham, not the best on a computer, my daughter does all my work for me on my computer.

    sid kirkham. and anna brewer