Thursday, 3 May 2012


New reel.
Past posts have indicated that I have not been happy with some expensive reels.
For the last two years I have been very happy with my Caimore Eternal reels. I have 3 of the prototypes and they are great. They are bullet proof, machined aluminium, nice drag etc. I have a previous version in a #4 for the rivers. I also have a flextek #3/4 which I have raved about in a previous post.
These reels will last me for years. They are very well engineered and are at least as good as the fancy named ones costing treble the price.
Now I needed a couple of #7/8 reels to hold different lines for 'special' occassions like a slow sinking, midge tip and the like.
Unfortunately I could not get spare spools as my models had been discontinued. A bit gutted as the Caimores I have are faultless. A lesson here: Buy a spare spool! The flextec came with one but it is a #4.
I  looked at a reel advertised on the 'fishing mad' site where I got my excellent waders from.
A Banax Crest.
It looked good and for £45 including post, I ordered.

Comes from a top factory apparently......

I like good engineering, I dribble at sexy machining. For £45 this is a right bargain!


  1. Are they available in a non shiney finish?

    Regular Rod

    1. I suppose you could spray them in matt green!
      Nice one RR.

  2. That good I just bought another shiney one