Sunday, 27 May 2012

A lovely day for discovery

Here's my little pond. No fish! Plenty of tadpoles and other things.

Today the Lion Tamers and the Bivvy Boys enjoyed a day out frying under the sun at Ellerdine. We flung some fluff and caught a few but to be honest the conditions were against us. The water was very warm and I don't think the trout were very comfortable.

So after a swift pint I came home to do my ironing.
I decided to spend a few minutes looking at my little pond and spotted something that looked like a fly I tied. Yes a large midge type thing. Nipped in the house to grab my camera. The original one I had spotted had gone but saw another!  Sorry about the poor quality but I need to sort the best macro mode.

Saw this. No wonder a Shipman's catches!

But a Shipman's don't wriggle! You can see a midge that did not make it out of the water to the left

Wriggling to get out

Nearly there!

It's out!

Off she goes. 30 seconds at the most!

My pond is full of them. They are quite red. I felt privilaged to watch this. And I learned quite a bit!

From the depths!

Yes folks it's a dog eat dog world out there or should I say frog eat frog!
Spotted this tadpole eating his brethren. Mind you there was a lot of this going on. I just never looked so close before!

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