Monday, 4 June 2012

A couple of hours on the Manifold

Was a bit cold. Lots of rain last night. I had a shoulder strain (real bad. a legacy from the old martial arts days). I nearly rang Bone to call it off but hey! I am a Lion Tamer and let no one down unless I don't value them.
So we arrived at our venue at about 8.00.
River: High.chocolate runny chocolate The stuff u squeeze on a 69. Sorry, 99.
We could have gone home but we didn't....
I  then remembered  John Tyzack saying to me that the fish don't go home, they just find the comfortable places to see it out.
We walked and waded. Lots of barbed wire down this stretch.
Nowt rising so dropped in me nymph.
And again.
A few times I dropped in me nymph.
I had a small troot on the nymph!

Mick against the wind in chocolate

It was hard.

I saw a mayfly. I watched it and saw it taken.
First and only rise of the day!
  I Told Bone where it was. There was no way with my 9' so in went Mick with his new 6'. rod and the rubber jonny mayfly I showed him to tie yesterday.

Bang on!

Nice one Bone, a wild brownie!  Good angling

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