Thursday, 7 June 2012

Wet through but well worth it!

Have you ever thought that sometimes you take fishing and where you fish for granted?

Today was one of those days. I have a friend who wanted to try river fishing.
It had never occurred that it was 'Duffer's Fortnight'. I had fished the river dove at Wolfscote dale last week and struggled with only 9 fish! I had also fished the Manifold this week and that was not great either. On both occassions there were no mayfly to be seen! So you might understand that I was not quite prepared for what happened today.

Daz picked me up at 7.00 for his very first time fly fishing a river.
He had bought a nice little second hand outfit and wanted to try it out.
We nipped over to Wolfscote dale. It was cold and wet. 7th June. Cold and wet. One car already on the car park, he had checked in at 6.15! I filled in the guest ticket and checked the reports. Someone yesterday had managed 16 brownies.
What to fish with? What tactics? How to keep dry? No chance!
We walked down the river and I began to show Daz where the fish might be lying. Could not resist a quick cast and was rewarded with a grayling, much to Daz's amazement (and mine!).
We passed the chap who had boooked in earlier, he had had a few trout to the mayfly but was going to pack up as he was soaked to the skin.
We walked to the bottom of our stretch, the intention was to slowly work our way back up, sticking together and be away for 1.00.
I had some small mayflies and we tied them on even though there was little in the way of fly life or rising fish.

Daz with his first fly caught river trout.

It was a good call. We nailed it good and proper! I have never seen so many fish in all my life. Where do they normally live? As the morning turned into afternoon, it just got better and better. I was not even bothered when Daz made a pigs ear of landing a fish of mine at least 2lb and sent it on it's way. "Sorry mate."

A happy chappie

We were hammering it but I've never been so wet in all my life, even with the help of my neoprene jacket. However, the rain did give us a few advantages. Firstly, the lack of walkers although I nearly caught a cyclist early on. Secondly, the mayfly duns were finding it tricky to leave the water, this was driving the trout crazy. We also had the river to ourselves! The best bit was the way the rain disguised our leaders.

I look like some trout pervert type person

So fine chance for a 1.00 finish. We came away at 3.00.
I lost count of what we caught. I lost many fish, some suprisingly large although none snapped me. I missed so many due to inexperience. It is the first time I've been on a river during a serious mayfly hatch. I can't say it was difficult because it wasn't. Only the appalling conditions testing our endurance.
I had to report my catch in the checking station. Someone today managed many more than 16 brownies!
I write this, with a beer at my side and a smug grin on my face. I love the fact that this river, having seen many a polution problem is now back to it's best. The mayfly are obviously doing well.
Yes we could have stayed longer but that would have been pure greed.
I just hope Daz (well into double figures), doesn't think it is like this everyday up Wolfscote, because it most definitely isn't! Derby County Angling Society. I love it!

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