Wednesday, 6 June 2012

More friends, more flies

You have to think how this fly fishing thing becomes a passion.
I began about 5 years ago, on my own, knowing nothing.
I now have at least 7 converts! They all pay thier dues. We need more to keep our rivers in tip top condition!
Tomorrow I am taking a mate to the river to convert him too. Just call me 'John the 'B'.

We are not allowed to use a dropper on our stretch.
Sometimes I wonder if the idea is to stop you from catching fish. But we can use a small indicator. So when I need to, I hang a nymph under one of these large winged sedges with the sharp end snapped off. .Mind you...It  don't half p you off when something takes it.  Trouble is, the indicator has to be a max of 1/4 inch...So I have to trim this well down or get banned if anyone dares to check my tackle.

In a 'Moser' stylie: A big winged sedge. Sharp end to be cut off.

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  1. Great fly caught most of my fish on these yesterday well made fish pimp