Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Is it worth getting a lesson?

Year four.
I would probably have jacked in by now but although I can't speak for my fellow 'tamers' I think we would probably have ditched the fly and would now be looking forward to nights camped out in 'designer bivvies' if it were not for a few fortunate events. I'm going to do this as a list.

Looking back, we were eager but lacked essential knowledge.
There was just Mick and me.
We could tie knots.
We liked a pint after fishing.
We liked a laugh.
We didn't catch much but enjoyed the odd good day on Blithfield.
We dicided to try river fishing.
I joined Leek and District.
I bought a vice.
I fished a few times (on my own on various streams) with very limited success.
Jon showed interest.
We joined DCAS. Now that's a commitment!
We went to Wolfscotedale. We blanked, we were clueless.
I decided it was a waste of money unless I got some sort of advice.
Glen Pointon recommended John Tyzack.
I had a day with him. An unbelievable amount of knowledge was gained. He showed me his flies. A revalation!
I tied and tied and tied...
I was still a poor fly fisherman but at least I now had an idea about how to get better.
I had a day with Glen and friends on the Derbyshire Wye. Top man and free advice.
Had a day or two with Trugg, and Woody. Again I would not have met these guys without paying for that initial lesson with JT.
Went on a cracking weekend on the Upper Tees in poor conditions with JT and others. Learn't a lot more. Met more friends.
We decided that we would enjoy having the pee taken out of us and called ourselves. 'The Lion Tamers'.
We had some super days out on the Manifold and Church Mayfield.
Mick has treatment for prostate cancer.
Fishing is now limited to the odd day out.
DCAS allow us to pospone our membership while Mick goes through his treatment. (Top club).
I join The Peacock because I could do.(The Derbyshire Wye fantastic) but could not fish it enough and realised I like the craic with me mates who didn't join.
Not much fishing last year and bivvies were actually puchased!
We re-join DCAS.
We enjoy the best start ever on Blithfield.
We have more friends wanting to join us.
I have the best day ever on the Dove.
We have recruited 5 coarse anglers to join us this Saturday to fly fish Blithfield in a cancer charity competition. So 8 of us in 4 boats. We don't have a chance of course, we have to give some some casting lessons before hand. 'Tis blind leading the blind you might think but I have tied their flies....


  1. Have I ever given you my definition of who is the best angler in the world?

    The best angler in the world is whoever is fishing at that instance and is enjoying themselves the most.

    Each of us is that angler at least once in our lifetimes...

    Regular Rod

    1. RR, What a cracking definition!
      I always enjoy myself. I must have been the best angler in the world on numerous occassions. Can three Lion Tamers be the best anglers all at the same time? Now for a bit of philosophy research.

  2. You'll have a good craic as always so don't worry about lessons. A boats not a bad place to start casting for obvcious reasons and frothing the water doesn't really matter on ressies you can still catch without stealth. Lessons could be arranged later if needed but your more than upto the task.

    1. Eh up Mick!
      Yep, should be a right laugh on Saturday. We don't give a monkey's as usual! It's all for charity so no one can knock us for turning up, paying the dues and doing the right thing.
      I suppose there will be a few who will take it seriously but hey ho....
      We meet up soon on a DCAS water!

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