Monday, 7 May 2012

No pics you'll just have to believe me

The Tamers went on our first river outing today. A very nice place with few walkers.
We got there at 8.00. No one else...Good. We hung our tabs in the checking station and read the reports.
'what the F', exclamed Jon when he read the last report (yesterday) to us.
'This bloke has had 14 grayling and a couple of trout!'
Just then a guy turned up in a land rover and introduced himself to us as the 'river keeper' or something like that. I now discover he is Andy Heath of the Trent Rivers Trust and manages the river.  He was very friendly and helpful and confirmed the previous day's catch, adding, 'He had a trout 16" and a grayling 15".
He then asked to see my nymph box and pointed out the nymphs that should do the business. We chatted tactics and he wished us well.
Interestingly, he told me that the guy from yesterday had used an orange coloured nymph with a black tail. From what little knowledge I have, I thought that was a grayling fly and I decided on something more dour.
We spent ages tackling up and after a cup of Bovril, off we went.
I wanted to walk all the way to the bottom of the beat but Bone couldn't resist having a cast in the first field.
So me and Jon had a look and we also had a dabble, much against my instincts.
Jon was soon into a little grayling and lost one while I was re- rigging after a horrible tangle on my first cast.
I then had a nice sized grayling that, looking at it, had obviously not longed finished spawning, Then another smaller one, too imature to breed.
To be honest, I know grayling are out of season but it was difficult to avoid them.
I went downstream on my own. I wanted to do it properly.
Result was, my best 3 hours on a river ever; even if most of the fish were out of season grayling
I lost count but had over 20 grayling and 3 trout.
Very few rises.
I'll take a tape measure in future because I am convinced I caught at least 1 about 18 inches and definitley half a dozen 15 inches. I was glad I took my extendable coarse net.
Ok. No photos but I put them back quickly as you would expect, being out of season.
Jon and Bone should have followed me!

Some reading this would probably have done much better, but I'm happy.

Best part of it is:
The river was perfect, carrying a little of a grey colour
It was very windy but I coped.
Only my 4th visit
The first time I went I blanked...Lesson with an expert.
Weekend with an expert.

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