Wednesday, 29 August 2012

More carp 'on the fly'

I don't want this to become the most boring blog  ever by showing more pictures of carp caught off the top  but I think it would be a good idea to share some interesting observations. Some would say 'secrets' but that word has no place in my philosophy as for fishing techniques.
 Lots of folk put a great deal of effort into trying out new methods or even honing older ideas, adapting them to modern advances in tackle and our ever changing venues. Some decide to keep it secret but I think it is good to share techniques that you have had good success with.

My carp floater box. Some are better than others.

Wine cork with the hook at the correct angle ( i think )

This one was 12lb 11oz
There are some fellow bloggers who must agree with me like Glen Pointon, RR (dryfly expert) and Mick Martin(Derbyshire on the fly) who all share their experiences in incredible detail.

I have been on a mission.
Carp on the fly is not new by any  means. But it can be the best fun ever if you do it right.
So here we go. My secrets for anyone interested.....
My previous posts show how much I had to learn. I was even tempted to remove them, but no it is progression.

First of all we found that cork had to be the the correct shape and size. Sounds obvious but it is a silhouette the carp see, not colour or even smell.
Just glueing the cork to the hook was not good enough. We missed so many 'takes' you would not believe.
We have now got close to perfect. I t is all down to the angle you glue the hook.
Looks obvious now but it took some working out.

Last weekend I set up the fly rod ( bought some excellent three piece #8 Shakespeare three piece jobbies for £20) and shared them with my mates.
We visited a lake advertised in the Angling Times. Everyone fishing on the bottom. Carp on the top. Bone had two on bread, I had 3 on cork. No one else caught. Enough said!


  1. Wow Commo, u really are enjoying the carp on the fly... And cracking the code...I had ago last year and it was absolute amazing fun! Looks like you got it sussed, are you using chum mixer to get them going?

  2. Ey up commo,
    You look like you have a better stamp of carp than I do in my local pond. Probably telling you something you know already but here's a couple of ways you may improve your cork fishing!
    If you drill a small hole in the bottom of the cork you can put a spilt shot (I used a No1) in the bottom. This has the advantage of letting the cork sit lower in the water but it always makes the cork float the same way up every time. If it floats in the same way everytime you can place your hook on top so the fish dont see it and the line isnt in the surface film as much and you can paint the top of the cork so it can be seen more easily.

    I've had better results on elk hair flies but they sink after you catch a fish on them and they can be a bugger to see at 20 yards

    1. Hi Glen and Ian.Glen using non branded cheapo biscuits from local store.
      Ian, nice to hear from you. Yes we tried that and had some success with inserting shot. I have to agree it did appear to up our hooking rate.However I have found the set up I am now using quick and easy and the hook angle certainly works.

  3. If you fancy a bash Weds night, REF have booked carp lake on A50 - Hemmington. You'd all be most welcome to join the fun. I'll test your methods