Saturday, 11 August 2012

My turn

Here are my results from today's venture.

A lovely mirror with a strange glow!

This one gave me a right run around!

 A pig of a fish

Mick broke his rod yesterday playing one of these brutes. I have to say I was more than a little worried when this one decided it was not giving up. My rod was locked solid several times.

I use an 8 weight Airflo 40 plus with a floating cheapo line, 9ft 2x tapered leader, cut back to about 6 ft ( i reckon it's about 15lb at this point) and 5 ft of 10lb flouro. Cork shaped from last night's wine epoxied to a #12 extra strong Kamasan buzzer hook.

We are really off the regular anglers who sit all day with their Strawberry boilies sitting on the bottom, alarms, trollies, wheel barrows etc while the carp are feeding on the top! We turn up for a couple of hours and have some great sport with free 'bait' and a bag of el cheapo dog biscuits. Cost: £1 for at least 4 sessions!

Happy Days

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