Wednesday, 28 July 2010

D Day

Had a great day with Trugg on the Dee.

It is not Derbyshire I know, but Trugg and me first met only a couple of weeks ago, on the Wye. We got on well and decided to have a day together.

Billy no mates on the Dee

It is quite amazing that you can go and buy a cheap day ticket on this water!
It is quite obvious that it is not over fished, well not officially. The lovely lady who sold us the tickets was amazed she had another customer that day and thought there was a match on!  We had a crafty look at the stubbs. 16 tickets sold in the whole of July!
 Cracking day, great sport. Over 50 fish between us mostly on the dries. What a setting! and all for a tenner. I am slowly getting better and now  have far more confidence thanks to my new found Derbyshire and Staffordshire fishing mates. Trugg never once rollocked me for my casting and reckons I'm getting there, although he did throw in a couple of remarks when I missed one after the other.

Had a great lesson off him. I told him I was getting takes at the end of my cast just as the fly decided to sink.
On went a red tag and he showed me the high something... Oh I remember sticking technique which got me a fish on nearly every cast.
Wading still an issue with me but Trugg is a complete nutter and just goes for it.
Great meal at a pub. Trugg had a lettuce sandwich (just in case his better half reads this) I can't remember the name of the pub but Trugg knows it. So PM him. The locals were helpful too. "Match your fly to the colour of the rock," was one that that both Trugg and I found interesting.  After discussing the merits of this local advice we both decided to ignore it but keep it in mind. Worth knowing the pub though if you are planning a day out there.
We fished the stretch with all sorts and had plenty of fish. I was a bit cheesed off because I missed several really big fish to my modified LTD sedge. Honestly, I could not understand how I didn't hook them. I blamed the sedge as although it was a great attractor it was  maybe  not a good hooker. I shoud have stuck to Glen's original! Took it off, put on a JT olive dubbed with rubber. (have to catch over 100 before I can claim it as mine!) and had a very nice grayling on the first cast. Only small trout after though.

Trugg made the tea earlier on with the Kelly and I have to say they were the best tasting cuppas I've had.
 He carried the water and milk. I carried the Ringtons tea bags. We discussed flies, rods and various bits and he showed me his and I showed him mine.
The Glen Pointon LTD sedge definitely works. 20 odd trout! Mine is based on the great Rocher LTD but I am a lazy bugger and so modified it so that it was quick to tie. Thank you Glen!

The biggest problem was that at the end, Trugg and me were well knackered and I had to give him a piggy back up a 100 yard almost vertical bank.
Joking apart, You know how good a fishing day is:;it is when you never shut up on the way home. It was a 1 1/2 hour drive back and all we did was chat about everything from fishing, fly tying to deadly snakes at Dovedale... and I'm not talking about certain anglers. I would never dare!

Cheers Trugg,

Let you know how we get on at the Wye Sunday. Going to blank soon!

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