Sunday, 4 July 2010

The Wye Bakewell

Had a day, well afternoon late evening on the Peacock stretch of the Wye.
Have always wanted to fish here. Went with Glen Pointon, Woody and John Colmans. Great river, great company, great day. Very civilised, we started with tea at the hotel, tying flies and having a chat.
We started near the hotel and after a couple of hours we moved on. I had not caught a fish yet and I had a bad feeling. It was tough. A very low river but no excuses, the other lads had all had one or two so my casting and other techniques would have to improve.

We moved up river and at last I had a small wild rainbow. I was made up and that made me feel more confident. Back to the hotel for tea and crumpets and there was some crumpet, but I digress. Up to the town stretch. Lost a good fish by the cricket ground and nearly got hit by a six. John didn't even see it hit the water. They must be used to it as a lad  scooped the ball out of the river with the longest landing net I've ever seen!
Found a little bend in the river and imediately lost two fish. My fly was getting attention! Then had three in about 6 casts. Little rainbows. The lads came over and I fluked a cast about 3 inches off the far bank. It was taken almost imediatlely and the little bugger snagged me in some weed. Glen managed to free it and I landed the only brown of the day. Did make a pratt of myself in my excitement and worse still is that Glen got my 'shuffle' playing technique on video. Oh joy! Had a couple more but the town stretch is electric in the evening. John and Woody had a couple of beauties. I would have if  I had of hooked them properly.
Totally totally fantastic! Can't wait to go again!

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  1. Nice one Commo...may see you on Sunday on the Wye!