Monday, 26 July 2010

How we are getting on

I think it is time to reflect.
 I began this blog way back in the year. I was clueless. I am so glad that I had a lesson of JT (priceless) and a couple of sublime days with Sir Rocher and his mates. My skills have improved, my fly tying has improved. It was an honour that the experienced lads were cadging my flies last week on the Wye (only because they had run out).  I always had a good idea where fish would be and watercraft stuff but fishing the fly is totally different than bait fishing.
I have even started to look at entomology in detail. God, I love this sport!
From my earlier experiences of approaching a river with not a clue and sort of just hoping. , I now expect to catch. I would still not expect to catch as many as the good folk who I have fished with, their talents are far more advanced than mine but I now have that tad of knowledge that can only the future.
I have had personal bests. I have met great people and  had the most wonderful time.
Watch out the Wye!  Bone, Jon and me are coming Sunday!

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