Saturday, 24 July 2010

Flying fish

Well the strangest thing has happened to me today.
Bone and me headed off to Blithfield for our fortnightly visit. We booked in. Nothing unusual happened. We tackled up. Nothing unusual happened. We fished for three hours without a touch. Nothing unusual here either. I then decided on yet another change of fly. Nothing unusual for me.
 As I was peering into my fly box, I felt a jolt on my rod and an angry rainbow had taken my suspender buzzer. This is not unusual as I had purposely tied one on because I was getting sick of watching various bits of fluff with nothing happening. I thought I would just cast out and hold the line and feel for a pull. To be honest, both Bone and me had resigned ourselved for another Blithfield blank. Definitely not unusual!
What happened next was surreal. Well all hell broke loose. My line went slack and this fish leapt 10 foot out of the water. This is not unusual for a Blithfield trout. However what is unusual is to have the fish land on your head, bounce off, hit the side of the boat and then continue its bid for freedom.
At this point I was rather confused, and slightly concussed. A three pound rainbow hitting you on the head hurts.
Bone witnessed all this and was laughing his head off. I had truly no idea what was going on.  My line was slack and I honestly thought the trout that hit me was not the one I hooked. 'Is it still on?' Bone shouted.
'A trout has just hit me on the head!' I replied.
'Yes I saw it, tighten up!' was Bone's advice.
Well I did and after a right run around I landed it. I had a bit of a headache but the trout ended up with a bigger one.


I then had a further three in as many casts. We would have had more I'm sure but our time was up and we giggled back to shore. I'm not saying how many Bone caught. You'll have to ask him yourself

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