Sunday, 29 August 2010


Recently RR on his blog, ‘The dry fly expert’ advised on the benefits of stealth and wearing clothes that would not spook the fish. ‘Jeep socks’ read this and immediately went out and bought the ideal motor to fit in with this philosophy. We decided to give it a try…

I was picked up by Jon.
Bone was already in the cab of the new ‘van’. I nearly sat on his knee as his camouflage was so effective.
What a motor! All the ‘MOD’ cons including Morris Marina heater, Morris 1000 window winders and quarter lights, Allegro door handles and a number six fag butt in the ash tray.

The Lion Tamers
It is no wonder I catch, I am the one who is the most difficult to see!

After chucking the gear in the back and forgetting my wellies in the excitement, stopping at our favourite newsagents for water, a few photos and  debarbing pliers from the ‘Tool Box’ in Werrington, we set off.

(The pliers are excellent value at £2. Go and see Paul at the branch in Leek).

The 'Deliverance' with its 3litre Perkins diesel, coupled to permanent 4 wheel drive roared its way through the clouds and rain up the hills towards Errwood Reservoir; our newly found gem just north of Buxton. I got our excellent value tickets from Woody at his wine shop yesterday.

Arriving at the reservoir the weather was nothing short of shite. Now I don’t normally swear on my blog but this was shite. A horizontal wind with lashings of rain and bloody cold to boot.

Being hard, turning up in the ‘Deliverance’, in full camo and coming from Stoke we went for it!

It was hard, very hard. In the 4 hours we were there, I, the lucky one was the only one to catch. I am King of the Reservoirs after all! I fluked one on a sunk daddy, lost a nice brown on a lure near the net and missed one on a Shipman’s. The casting wasn’t too difficult but it was so uncomfortable and cold. So three takes between us in four hours!

We retired to the pub.

We were joined by  Deano, he's on the Wye tomorrow!

On the way back, we had to turn right at Werrington. Guess who flashed us through?

Lord Rocher!!! He did not know it was us but I watched him laugh his head off as he suddenly recognised the mighty Lion Tamers in the cab!

A great laugh and a great day, apart from the fishing…

Jeep Socks ran me over on Bonehead's insistance because I was the only one with the skill to catch!

Bl..dy windy on Errwood


  1. Thought you were being brave fishing it today pal. Everyone I spoke to after you'd gone had caught a few, biggest 5 1/2lb, but it was a slow, slow, slow day. The rain banging in like that does tend to push the fish down or over to the East Bank.

    85 acres and you've fished the same place 3 times! Go have an explore. The mobile approach (and muddlers on a windy day) is definately the way to attack the water. Still no blank for you in 3 visits can't be too bad.


    PS Love the passion wagon

  2. Yes, still no blank on the same bank. I may wander soon...

  3. CoommmmoooOOOO!!

    You are off it youth....

    Nice post and cracking pics.


  4. Not quite sure this is what RR had in mind but love it nevertheless.
    You lot are completely hatstand.
    Regards, Dave.

  5. We like that spot. We learn. We cast Lion Tamer style. We can't do double haul. We love this reservoir. We think it is fabulous value. We are learning fast and have a laugh bringing more fun into fly fishing

  6. I Love following your antics. You make fishing sound like it might actually be worth trying. Keep going boys!!!

    I can't wait for the next installment..