Monday, 23 August 2010


No not the river Sow but Stoke on Wye plus Trugg and a super day on the river Wye.
Keeping it short again.
We met up and filled the Peacock. Some had tea, some had coffee; we had a pint!
Discussed tactics, Trugg had already emptied the river with his morning session so things looked good.
We split up. Not a bad idea considering there were nine of us.
The Lion Tamers headed for the fisherman's car park and aren't we glad we did.
The river was low which surprised me given the rain we had had recently but today the weather was superb and within a few minutes Bone landed his first fish of the day, a nice little brownie that fell for a sedge.
I wandered upstream and managed a few grayling and rainbows plus a little brownie all to a sedge. I must admit going through my fly box to try and see what they were taking. It was definately not sedges but that was what won in the end. Some pools I got a take every cast, some none! Once again shed loads of missed takes but what fun. Sneaking around with your head down, tangled and caught in the undergrowth.
Saw a grass snake! Also kingfishers darting up and down. Bet they are on the second nesting.
Wandered back to Bone. He too had a great afternoon with some great sport on his home tied invention.  I can not describe it but when he showed it to me it looked as though it would do the business.

Jonny 'jeep socks' netting a nice, very nice grayling.

It's great to catch on your own flies and we don't buy shop bought anymore.
Jonny 'jeep socks' had done well too with the 'longes't fish of the day.
Went for some snapping and a pint in town and met up with the rest of the 'posse'.
The final part is the icing on the cake for me. Nine guys; catching and helping each other out.
Dean managed the best fish of the night. A brownie estimated at 5lb.
Anyway I have joined.
Is it worth it? Well you could do the maths based on the day ticket price but I don't look at it like that.
I cannot compare the Wye with other top rivers in this country as I have not fished them. But looking at the beats of the Test and Itchen at £300 for a day, targeting stockies...well no contest really.

Sod the jeep socks... that's a pretty good grayling


  1. I got a phone call last night from a nice lady at the Peacock.In reply to my message she was asking me if i wished to join the list of new memberships. I was playing a nice rainbow in town at the time so also no contest - yes please.
    Mind you Jan could of been spying over the wall, ring now go, go, go. another one bites the dust.

    Thanks again for a great gift Macaroni


  2. Saw you answer the phone. Couldn't believe you were so polite under the circumstances.
    Have a great holiday using them lures in Cornwall.
    Take care mate.

  3. I can get a great deal on packs of three Jeep Soxs for anyone who would like some. They are only for the most expert angler - take a while to master! But they guarantee landing good fish. Will also replace fly patches - you can see I have a dozen sedges hooked around the rim. Put s whole new meaning on the term "Pull your socks up".