Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Somewhere over the rainbows

Completely un-retouched. As Brian and me were walking back to the car we saw the biggest rainbow of the day. Is that guy standing next to a pot of gold?

Anyway a short blog for once. Woody got in touch as he wanted to try his newly purchased Dawson's olives in a posh box from Farlows. Check his blog. The venue was Errwood Reservior...Brian was coming too.
From our chat it was plainly obvious that Woody was on a mission. Just as Glen Pointon targets an individual fish and won't rest until he catches it, Woody had targetted a shoal. So we had to go.
Met Brian for the first time at Woody's shop to purchase tickets. Brian produced a foam block full of the most exquisitely tied flies and gave them to Woody. I had a really close look. What a tyer! What an inspiration for me. "Got to do better!" I told myself.
After a half hour drive through the usual low cloud base, we discussed all things trouty while tackling up.
I decided on a big daddy as that is what worked well last time. We could see a few rises, even though the car park was 200 yards from the waters edge. Brian agreed and followed suit. Woody tied on the Dawson's!
Within minutes I had a take. Missed! Then an almighty take. Missed. Checked my fly but the hook looked ok.
Then landed one, then another, missed a load, got broke off, three came off. 
 "As soon as I saw you, I thought you had a lucky face," Brian commented. If only he knew me better!
I then had another before Brian, after missing a fair few himself, hooked into one that gave him a right run around.
It went dead. We noticed some fish supping and some small empty buzzer cases so I put on a Shipmans and 1st cast it was hit like a train. I thought I had cracked it. Indeed, I had another come off on the next cast. Brian then hooked into another and almost immediately I was in again. We were both playing fish side by side. It was like Trugg, Dave and me the other week on the Wye. Dave (Woody) was by this time spitting feathers and threatening to go to the Wye that minute. Woody had changed to the daddy a while back and was fishing exactly the same but had not had a take. This happens on a still water. Bonehead and me know this feeling so well; The guy fishing next to you or in the same boat gets all the action while you scratch your head in disbelief.
I gave him a Shipman's to put on a dropper and wham! He landed a  nice fish that took his daddy! So much for my advice!

Dave packed up and left Brian and me to try different tactics until after about another hour, and with no further joy, we too went home. Interestingly we tried buzzers under a yellow indicator and both had our indicators walloped! What's all that about?
We all caught but it was clear to a man that our first love is the rivers.
One recommendation: Use a line tray if you've got one. It is rather gritty/muddy when the reservior is as low as this. It is millstone grit and will knacker everything it gets into. Sealed bearing reels only.

A great few hours fishing. It is super value. Roll on Sunday. Stoke-on-Wye! (plus Trugg).

Fishing on the moon!

 Notice we have all taken a leaf out of Bone's book and brought seats with us. Check out the old dry stone wall in front of Brian! That's Woody in the background on the hemp and casters


  1. CommmooOOOOOOO!

    Nice one mate.....looking forward to fishing it when it has a little more water in it....

    Stoke-on-Wye....or SOW, like it.....look out Bakewell, you're going to see a lot more of us next season!!!!


  2. Try placing your landing net at your feet and stripping your line onto the net. Keeps all the mud of it. Not really a problem most of the year just a bit of a balls-ache at the moment with the low levels - however the dry stone walls look cool

  3. That's a cool tip. Will try this weekend. Thanks Glow