Friday, 15 April 2011

Holly's 21st birthday

Yesterday was my daughter's 21st birthday.
Holly, as part of her degree course in biology at Nottingham, has to complete various photographic tasks.
She has some nice Canon  kit, bought for her by my ex and partner (very generous), and myself.
Holly wanted some advice so we popped over to Blackbrook Zoo; about 20mins from where I live.
I had never been before but I have to say we had a wonderful few hours there. It is a super place and ideal for photo buffs. I thought I would try out my new Olympus slr too.

All photos taken with an Olympus SLR

The geese are quite funny

She gets her looks from me

I think the lens is ok

I need to 'compare' this shot 

The Olympus is OK...

I have to say, I have never seen so much fly tying material in all my life!

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  1. Lovely pictures commo and sharp as a button...your girl is the good looking version of you lol
    nice one