Friday, 22 April 2011

The Tamers tame Seighford

OK so it's not a river. And it's full of stocked rainbows but where else could we get away from the crowds on a bank holiday? Seighford seemed the best value so off we went.
It was very warm and the water was transparent.
We were also on smog alert and had to check the ozone levels, so our inhalers were ready, just in case!
Not good, we thought.
Bone started on the first of the two pools. Jon and me ventured up to the railway pool. This is next to the main line to London and behind is the M6. So not as tranquil as the rivers and we did have to take the risk of extra air pollution..
It was difficult and there were plenty of other anglers about.
However, we did rather well in the end and Bone is definitely on fire!

My first, a tiddler

Jon into another

We had a break with a bacon butty and discussed tactics

Check this out! Pushing 9lb! Bone is on fire!

After looking in the returns book, we felt rather smug and Lion Tamers celebrated with a pint afterwards.

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