Friday, 15 April 2011

The Lion Tamers visit Dovedale

We had an interesting day at Dovedale.

Plenty of fish to dry and nymph. We began at the bottom and finished around the car park. Nothing showing but I started with a JT Olive and lost a belter of a fish on only my second cast. It actually bent my hook.
After a few more speculative casts with no luck, I changed to the duo.

My first. After losing one that straightened my hook.

I was soon 'in' and a nice little brownie took my little nymph. I lost one in the next cast and then had a couple more.


I know I should wade deeper and closer but I found a swim I fancied, chickened on this occassion and cast a little further. I was soon into another. This time a gorgeous brown about 15"

The Taming Cast

The 'Laird' Lockett

My best of the day

More taming from 'Bone'

I then caught a couple that both smacked my sedge. I love it when this happens!
I did lose a couple of rather large fish in a nice place. I know where they live and before long I will have them!
Both Mick (Bone) and Jon had success and it is amazing the improvement in our techniques, just a year on.
In all, a super day with my fellow 'Tamers'

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