Monday, 25 April 2011

The Wye and things

Well, Woody and me met up yesterday, looking forward to a super day on the hallowed Derbyshire Wye.
I love fishing with Dave as he always has lots of intelligent things  to say and it makes the fishing a pleasure.
I'm not going to say much more as we really struggled. A couple of rainbows a piece.  Boy do we need some rain!
I don't think it was just the lack of water, I think the weather conditions didn't help.
We know it is a great river so roll on a wet summer!

We noticed that Glen Pointon has been caught short again and has thrown another pair of his pants in the river.
Or is this some devilish plant to lure the fish to this spot as all sorts of larvae drop off, leaving an enticing trail.


Well to be  honest, this was the headline I wanted to blog but we had no chance.
We should have learned our lesson by now. The rivers are struggling and a stream the size of the Tean is suffering more than most. I know there are some large fish in this beautiful overgrown  river but I was shocked to see the state of it today.
Dino, Jon, Bone and me ventured to Fole to have a crack. I thought the other rivers would have been crowded out. The Tean was almost impossible to fish.

Dino in his nest!

Dino catches a fly on the bonnet. "Let's match the hatch!"

We have a good stretch here and we opted to wander upstream. Unfortunately this is where the river has split and so shared water and even shallower and slower flow. A silly move really on my part, but I wanted the lads to catch and knew a haunt!
We waded (ankle deep) up to where a brook joins the main flow. It is a tunnel of trees. I had my 6" rod with a duo. The other lads were armed with 8 footers. To be honest, my rod was more if a hindrance in this swim.

Jon lands his grayling
I waded further up and anounced I was about to cast. In it went, nothing, second cast I hooked Jon, who had decided on a bad spot to watch. Third cast, I was sure I had a take. Fourth a nice oos Grayling.

But that was it. The other lads took turns, had a few takes but noyhing more. We wandered up stream, saw some large fish, Jon also had a grayling from the original swim but we called it a morning, we departed.
Does my bum look big in these?
We drove up to a trout pool we are members of and had a cracking few hours! And a cracking hour in the pub!

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