Monday, 18 April 2011

Today on the Dove

I was not going to bother blogging this but if I don't I may forget some details.
Bone and me arrived at Dovedale just past 08.00. We started fishing at 09.00 and were on our way home at 11.30.
The river might be low, the conditions difficult but we had a good couple of hours.
I caught a few trout and three rather large grayling. If you don't go fishing...Unfortunately, grayling are out of season and you are not supposed to catch them at this time of the year. However, it is unavoidable as they have a similar diet to trout, which are ok to catch at the moment.
It is sods law I suppose, but two of them were bigger than any I have seen on the blogs and one was very, very special. Much bigger than the one I caught on the Wye last year. I have no photos of the special fish as one can be hanged for less.

So here's one of Bone with a little brownie...

Although only my third visit, I have had fish from nearly every swim I fancied. Even better, one pool I failed at last Friday, a pool I was convinced must hold fish yielded it's finest this morning.

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  1. Commo
    I had the same problem last year and caught one at 2lb 10oz... i photographed it and blogged it and got kicked out the club lol

    Some people i know take a picture then wait until 'in season' and then say they just caught it..
    Well that lying and not for me...
    To be honest i would of taken a pic of a special fish like that...
    nice one